The Adventures of Élodie & Angèle on Rafting in Canada

Getting Started

Welcome to the Rafting Experience blog! In this article, we will tell you the exciting story of Élodie and Angèle, two experienced river guides at Rafting Experience who had the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Canada. Recruited by “Wilderness Tours, raft & kayak resort” located on the Ottawa River, they joined an exceptional team for a season of challenging and thrilling rafting experiences. Let’s discover together their flawless journey and the unique experience they had.

Élodie and Angèle at Rafting Experience

Élodie and Angèle are two experienced river guides working at Rafting Experience. Our company based in Serre Chevalier offers thrilling rafting adventures on the local rivers, providing our clients with unforgettable experiences. This summer, Élodie and Angèle decided to take on a new challenge by going to Canada to work with Wilderness Tours, a renowned resort for rafting on the Ottawa River. Their experience and passion make them exceptional guides, ready to offer exciting and safe adventures to their participants.

We wish them an incredible rafting season in Canada and we share with you here their first photos and videos. Exceptional!

The Ottawa River: A Paradise for Rafting in canada

The Ottawa River is renowned as one of the best rafting spots in the world. Its turbulent waters and rapids, among the most impressive, provide a unique experience for whitewater sports enthusiasts. Élodie and Angèle have the opportunity to work on this spectacular river, sharing their passion with clients who come from all corners of the globe to experience moments of intense adrenaline.

Elodie and Angèle have captured incredible moments of their adventure in Canada.

Wilderness Tours: Founded in 1975

Wilderness Tours is a world-renowned company in the whitewater sports industry. Founded in 1975, it is known for its experienced guides, quality facilities, and commitment to safety. Located on the banks of the Ottawa River, approximately 4 hours west of Montreal, this company offers a unique experience for adrenaline enthusiasts. It is in this exceptional setting that Élodie and Angèle were recruited to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Rigorous Recruitment for Exceptional Rafting Guides

Recruitment and selection of guides at Wilderness Tours are rigorous. It is a true test to be selected to work on the Ottawa River. Candidates must demonstrate a high level of technical skills, knowledge of safety, and leadership abilities. Élodie and Angèle stood out for their experience, passion, and professionalism, earning them a place on the Wilderness Tours team.

Comprehensive Training for Elite River Guides in Canada

Before embarking on their adventure on the Ottawa River, Élodie and Angèle underwent extensive training provided by Wilderness Tours. This training allowed them to refine their rafting skills, whitewater navigation, and first aid knowledge. River guides at Wilderness Tours must be prepared to handle all situations, ensuring the safety of clients while providing them with an exceptional experience.

Élodie and Angèle’s Flawless Journey

Élodie and Angèle successfully completed their training, giving them the opportunity to work in Canada for an epic rafting season. Their experience as river guides in France was a major asset in their recruitment at Wilderness Tours. Their in-depth knowledge of rafting techniques, their sense of adventure, and their passion for whitewater sports propelled them towards this unique opportunity.

An Exceptional Experience for Passionate River Guides

For Élodie and Angèle, this rafting season in Canada is an exceptional experience. They have the opportunity to work on the Ottawa River, confront powerful rapids, and guide clients from around the world. This adventure demands pushing their limits, experiencing intense moments, and sharing their passion with a new community of whitewater enthusiasts.

Closing Words

Élodie and Angèle are living an extraordinary experience as river guides in Canada with Wilderness Tours. Their valuable professional experience at Rafting Experience opened the doors to an unforgettable adventure on the Ottawa River. With their passion, professionalism, and exceptional skills, they guide participants through challenging rapids while ensuring their safety. This unique experience will be engraved in their memory and further strengthen their expertise as river guides.


1. What are the qualifications required to become a river guide at Rafting Experience?

Certifications such as BEES, DEJEPS, and BPJEPS are necessary. Prior experience as a kayaker is also appreciated. Rafting Experience collaborates with the CRFCK training center in L’Argentière-la-Bessée to provide comprehensive training for guides. Rafting Experience’s priority is to provide safe and exciting rafting adventures to its participants. If you are passionate about rafting and want to join a team of qualified guides, don’t hesitate to apply at Rafting Experience.

2. What qualities are necessary to succeed as a river guide?

As a river guide, it is important to have good communication skills, demonstrate leadership, work well in a team, and possess a strong sense of responsibility. Passion for whit ewater sports and the desire to share that passion with others are also essential qualities.

3. What challenges do river guides face at Wilderness Tours?

River guides at Wilderness Tours face challenges such as managing rapids, ensuring client safety, navigating accurately through turbulent waters, and effectively communicating with the team and participants. They must also be ready to respond quickly in emergency situations.

4. How does the training for river guides at Wilderness Tours take place?

The training for river guides at Wilderness Tours is comprehensive and intensive. It includes theoretical courses on rafting techniques, whitewater safety, and first aid, as well as practical sessions on the Ottawa River to apply the acquired skills.

5. What are the benefits of working as a river guide at Wilderness Tours?

Working as a river guide at Wilderness Tours offers numerous benefits, such as the opportunity to work in a spectacular natural environment, meet people from around the world, push personal limits, and experience moments of intense adrenaline on a daily basis.