Discover Adaptive White-Water Sports for Everyone with Rafting Expérience


White-water sports in Serre Chevalier, such as rafting or kayaking, are activities that allow you to reconnect with nature while experiencing an adrenaline rush. But are these extraordinary activities accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities? We are delighted to announce that the answer is a resounding “yes!” At Rafting Expérience, we are committed to promoting inclusion, and we are pleased to present our offer specifically designed for people with disabilities, available this summer for adaptive sports in Serre Chevalier.

White-Water Sports and Disability in Serre Chevalier

An Adapted Challenge

The “River & Disability” offer from Rafting Expérience has been developed to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities. Private two-hour sessions are available with customized courses and equipment based on each participant’s abilities. This personalized approach allows everyone to fully enjoy the experience, regardless of their disabilities.

Adaptive Equipment in Serre Chevalier

Rafting Expérience has developed specially adapted equipment to facilitate the participation of people with disabilities. For example, we use velcro belts/shorts to ensure the safety of participants on board the boats. Additionally, we have introduced palm gloves to replace traditional fins used in hydrospeed, providing better maneuverability. These simple yet effective innovations ensure the comfort and safety of the participants.

Activities for All

Disability should not be an obstacle to participating in white-water sports. On the contrary, it offers new opportunities and enhances physical and mental well-being. Almost all white-water sports practiced by able-bodied individuals can also be enjoyed by people with disabilities. This includes rafting, air-boat, kayaking, canoe-raft, and hydrospeed.

Promoting Core Values

These adapted white-water sports promote fundamental values such as mutual aid, perseverance, teamwork, and self-assertion. Participating in these activities gives people with disabilities the opportunity to reconnect with nature, overcome challenges, build self-confidence, and create memorable experiences. It is a unique chance to feel alive, overcome obstacles, and create lasting memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What are the benefits of the “River and Disability” offer provided by Rafting Expérience?
The “River & Disability” offer is designed to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities. It allows for adapting the course and equipment to each participant, ensuring a safe and enriching experience.

2 What type of adapted equipment is used for rafting activities for people with disabilities? Rafting Expérience has specially designed equipment to make the participation of people with disabilities as easy and comfortable as possible. This includes velcro belts/shorts for safety on the boats and palm gloves for better maneuverability.

3 Which white-water sports are accessible to people with disabilities?
Most white-water sports are accessible to people with disabilities, including rafting, air-boating, kayaking, canoe-rafting, and hydrospeed.

4 What are the benefits of these sports for people with disabilities?
Engaging in white-water sports has numerous benefits for people with disabilities. It allows them to connect with nature, overcome challenges, build self-confidence, and promote important values.

5 How can I book a session adapted for people with disabilities with Rafting Expérience?
To book a session adapted for people with disabilities with Rafting Expérience, you can visit their website at www.rafting-experience.com/en/river-handicap and contact their team to organize your experience.

6 What specific equipment has Rafting Expérience implemented to facilitate the participation of people with disabilities in rafting activities?
Rafting Expérience is committed to making rafting accessible to everyone, and therefore, has designed and produced custom equipment to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
– Firstly, we have developed an adapted seat that integrates into the raft and a special suit designed for easier dressing. The foam seat maximizes comfort and simplifies staying on board during rafting.
– Secondly, we offer the air-boat, a one-person boat that provides increased stability. It is perfect for individuals seeking more autonomy on the water and who want to understand the workings of the currents.
– Additionally, we provide the opportunity to practice hydrospeed. In this context, participants can choose to share a two-person float with the instructor or venture out on their own.

Your adventure awaits! Don’t miss this chance to explore the world of white-water sports and have an unforgettable experience with Rafting Expérience. This unique opportunity to create lasting memories is within your reach. Visit the website www.handiserrechevalier.com/handisport/ for more information about the possibilities in the Serre Chevalier area.